The Financial Planner's tool designed for Belgium

Specify your client's profile, define possible portfolios and project them for various market scenarios in a few minutes.

An intuitive tool

A simple and user-friendly way to manage your clients' wealth.

Create client profiles

Fill in and save your client’s personal situation in a few clicks.

Define market scenarios

Easily create and save market scenarios for different asset classes.

Specify portfolios

Define and save different possible investments allocations.

Project portfolios

Project and compare your clients profiles, economic scenarios (including stress tests) and target portfolios.

Flexible offer

Free or paid account? Choose whichever option fits your needs.



Need to be convinced?

Create an account and discover the app for yourself : it is free of charge and takes only 1 minute to set up.

Our commitments


Our tool is simple to use and dynamic, adapted to your needs, and provides easily exportable results.


The tool is non intrusive, it requires few data, which can be deleted at any time. We do not make use of cookies or distribute your data.

Cost effectiveness

Our prices are low, and you only pay for what you need. You can change your subscription at any time.


Our app is operated on a secured server, and any information stored on the server is encrypted with data protection algorithms.


Reacfin’s Financial Planner is a browser-based app, accessible on any device.

Local minded

The Belgian Edition of Reacfin’s Financial Planner accounts for national specificities (including tax per regions and cities, types of mortgage, pensions system, etc.).